Microsoft Job Opening

When Microsoft realized that the Windows 8 interface didn’t make sense to most of its users, they decided it was time to hire someone capable of explaining things to the public in a simple, understandable way. Steve Ballmer’s approach – jumping and screaming on stage – clearly didn’t cut it.

The decision was made to look for people from the educational sector. After weeding out most of the applicants, three potential teachers were invited for a job interview: a former IT professor, a high school teacher, and a teacher working at a special school for children with learning disabilities.

The first applicant to be invited into the office was the IT professor. After almost an hour the guy returned. “Did you get the job?” the remaining to teachers asked. “Not sure”, he replied, “it was hard, very hard.”

The interview of the high school teacher took about an hour as well, and when he returned he shook his head. “Man, this was the hardest interview ever. Holy crap.”

The interview of the last applicant – the teacher working at a special school for children with learning disabilities – took only 10 minutes. When he returned, he smiled. “I’ve got the job! Not only that, I got the salary I asked for, the car I asked, and everything else I asked for!”

The first two applicants were baffled. “Ho did you pull that off? On paper we were much better candidates!” “Quite simple” the man replied, “they were all former students of mine.”


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