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Why smartphones are vulnerable

The answer: because most users don’t understand what smartphones really are: mini-computers which, accidentally, can also be used to place or receive calls. Many users still perceive smartphones as just phones with nice screens and loaded with a lot of awesome tools.

Cybersecurity was never an issue with ordinary land line phones and older, simple mobile phones. In essence the word “Phone” in “Smartphone” caused many people to think that nothing really changed.

Even in my inner circle of nerds and geeks there are still some who don’t give security much thought. On the second day of CTIA 2013™, CTIA (The Wireless Association®) released a consumer survey revealing users’ attitudes toward cybersecurity. The result didn’t really surprise me: less than one in five users understands what smartphones really are.


You can download the complete survey (PPT format) here.

‘Apps act’ in the making

With more than 1.5 million apps now available for Android phones and Apple’s iPhone, a congressman is proposing a law that would require mobile app developers to let users know what an app’s privacy policies are when it comes to information being shared and the length of time the information is kept by a developer.

“Data has become the oil of the 21st century, and like any other resource, there must be common-sense rules of the road for this emerging challenge,” said Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga., in introducing the Application Privacy, Protection and Security in Congress Thursday.

“Every day millions of Americans use mobile applications to help us get through the day,” Johnson said. “But many consumers do not know their data is being collected. This privacy breach is just not 1s and 0s, it’s personal information, including our location at any given moment, our photos, messages and many of the things meant only for our friends and loved ones.

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