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Gadget of the week: Casio AL190WD-1AV

Forget the model number – it’s impossible to memorize. What Casio resurrected from the dead is a battery-less retro watch that’s powered by the sun, artificial light or other sources of natural light. Its large solar panel collects enough light to power such useful functions as a stopwatch, countdown timer and 5 alarms. Silver stainless steel band digital watch with a neutral face.

  • casio-solarSolar Powered
  • 1/100-second stopwatch
  • Countdown timer
  • 5 alarms
  • 50-meter water resistance

While the bracelet is metal, the case is made of resin and painted to resemble metal. This finish will probably wear off quickly, but who cares: the watch is dirt cheap. A little bit of shopping will land this model in your shopping basket for about $20.

I must say: so far the watch works as advertised. It takes a while to charge the built-in capacitor, but once fully charged the watch can run up to 14 days without having to expose it to light. A solar icon warns you when it’s time to get out of your man cave.