Why blocking ads became important

Not because ads are more frequent or annoying, but because Ad Servers became a target. Infecting an Ad Server is way more efficient than targeting just one website. One Ad Server can serve dozens – sometime hundreds – of websites at a time.

Another reason why this is becoming more popular is that these attacks can’t be blocked in a firewall. The attacks use port 80, which you need to access the WWW. If you block port 80, your computer becomes largely useless. Infected Ad Servers became an important way to distribute malware, worms and viruses.

All of this happened on quite a few occasions already, and the resulting infections spread quickly and world wide. One of the more ‘famous’ hacks involved servers used by Yahoo, Fox and Google. One of the most popular ad blockers is Adblock Plus. Installation is a breeze. If you still use IE (…) go here.


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  1. Keeping your privacy (at-least some of it) online:
    Install these protective measurements on your Firefox, never install 6oogle Chrome (if you really must have 6oogle Chrome, install SRWare’s Iron instead – (you won’t feel the difference).

    I’d put on AdBlock Edge instead of AdBlock Plus

    And WebmailAd Blocker if you use 6mail, Hötmail, 0utlöök.com or ¥ahöö Mail.

    Install Ghostery if you care for your privacy:

    Also, use: FlashBlock, to only allow flash bits you want to see.

    Note: These addons exists for Chrome/Iron look them up.

    If you must use Fa¢ebook, open another 6mail account, never give that e-mail to anybody, forward all incoming messages to your regular email if you wish to do so, and register to Fa¢ebook using that email, create a rule in your regular email account to automatically collect all email from your new gmail, into a new folder, this way, if you have an email from ”Fa¢ebook” in your Inbox, it must be bogus also using the other email, for Fa¢ebook registration, will prevent you getting friendship invites from people you had corresponded in the past, that you wish to leave in the past.

    Safe surfing.


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